Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Hand Pallet Trucks

We Sell Hand Pallet Trucks in UAE. Also known as pallet trolley lifter jack in UAE. Capacity: 2.5 - 5 Tons, Fork Length: 1185 mm - 1220 mm, Fork Width: 550 - 685 mm.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Drum Handling Equipments

Drum Handling Equipments, Drum Trollies, Lifters, Drum Tilters, Drum Rotator Equipments in UAE. We provide effective Drum Handling Solution in UAE. Easy to operate, handle, carry, tilt, lift, rotate and transport drums. High balanced, steel frame and gripper to carry your industrial drums.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Manual and Electrical Stackers

Rated Capacity: 1 to 3 ton, Max Lift Height: 1.6 - 3 meter, Manual Forklifter, Battery Operated, Electrical, Semi-Electrical, Diesel stackers, forklifter and lifters. Suitable to lift and carry weight around factory or warehouse.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Lift Table

Ideal to lift and transport items like cartons, dyes, moulds, heavy machinery part, heavy goods and parts.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Cart Trolley / Platform Trolley

Platform Trolley for lifting or moving heavy goods.
Capacity: 200kg
Platform Size: 2' x 3'
Wheel Size: 4"

Stair Climbing Trolley & Wheel Chair

Stair Climbing Trolley in UAE. Makes going upstair & downstair easy. Move heavy goods thru the stairs. Unique three rubber wheels ensure steady and easy climbing on the stairs. Stair Climbing, stair mover trolley

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Cargo Jack

Cargo Mover, Machinery Mover or Furniture Mover Trolley. Heavy Cargo Goods Moving Cargo Trolley Jack, Capacity: 6 - 25 tons, Wheel: Heavy Duty Wheels to move heavy items like generators, machinery, heavy equipments to various sections.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.

Roll & Reel Lifter / Rotator

Ideal equipment to lift and rotate rolls and reels of papers, plastic, tape, tissue, fabric and other rolls and tubes. Roll and Reel Lifters Trolley Equipment in UAE.

Hand Winch Platform Manual Stacker M200

Ideally designed to lift items of upto 200 kg with option of roll and reel rotator and reel lifter in UAE. Designed to lift tubes, reels and rolls of paper, tissue, plastic, fabric and other rolls and items in tube format. With a safety device to prevent a fast falling due to the mechanical troublesafe and reliable

Pull Tight Cables and Seals (Plastic and Metal)

Plastic Box Seal Supplier in UAE.
Plastic Container Seals
Metal Seal for containers
Security Seals / Wire Seals in UAE
Pull Tight Cable Seals. Plastic and meshed wire cable seals in UAE.

Warehousing, Material Handling Equipment.


Wooded and Plastic Pallet Supplier in UAE. Secondary Containment, Drum Spill Pallets in UAE. Various Dimensions and Sizes for Pallets. 4 Drum, 2 Drum and Single Drum Spill Pallet for Secondary Containment Available in UAE. Load Capacity: 500 to 5000 kg OR as per Requirement for Racking and Stacking of Pallets.