Value Note Counter.
Motel: EQ-5500

Value Cash Counting Machine with Automatic fake note detection thru UV,MG, MT, IR while counting. Suitable for UAE Dirham etc. Value counting for denomination 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10. Automatic start,stop and clearing feature. With batching, adding and self-examination functions. Double-notes detecting. Automatic half-note detection Size detection

EQ5500 Mixed Denomindation Value Counting Machine with Total Value Count, Denomination Report, Mixes Value Counting, Cash Currency Note Counting Machine in UAE with 100% Fake Note Detection and Value Report of the Currency. Suitable for PKR Value Counting, USD Value Counting and Euro Value Counting Machine in UAE.

Counting Speed: 1000 pcs/min
Size of Countable Note: 50 x 110 – 90 x 180 mm
Gross Weight: 7.5 kg
Power Supply: AC 230V±10% 50Hz±5%
Power Consumption: ≤80
Hopper Capacity: 200 pcs
Stacker Capacity: 200pcs
Dimension: 345 mm x 305 mm x 235 mm